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New 9 23

Checking In On: Theo

Check out our new series: Checking in on… Where we look-in on recently rescued babies and how they are doing in their new forever home.

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Good Fence Great Neighbor!

We’ve been hard at work down here at our Athens’ Rancho. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve erected a significant portion of the perimeter

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Please Fence Us In!

Now that the brutal summer of 2023 is waning, we’re getting back to the hard outdoor work on the Rancho. We are in the process

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Power To The Puppies

We’re super excited down here at the Athens Rancho. Some positively electric news, one might say. Well, actually the news is electricity. Which we now

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The sanctuary, which opened up in 2020, is just getting started. As we approach one hundred critters, the expenses are only increasing. We are frugal and value conscience, so every dollar provides maximum care and comfort for all Rancho Kitty’s babies. Thanks for the Love!