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How to Work Like a Dog for Cats

Dogs Waiting to Go Apes*it Crazy When Friendly Humans Approach.

Hello & welcome back to Rancho Kitty Monthly. Which happens to be five months in “Dog Months?” Heck, we’ve welcomed five new pups to our rancho since last we spoke. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Dixon, and Rudolph. Oh wait, those are Santa’s Reindeer. Anyways, Rancho Kitty Shelter now feeds, houses, and loves nineteen happy dogs up here in Athens Texas USA, just outside of Dallas. Times are tight at the Rancho, but how could we say no to these magnificent mutts? We have the room, and the desire to help.

Large group of cats and dogs looking at the camera, banner isolated on white

The Latest Puppy Action

Telling all our babies stories on social media, in a timely manner, has proven more elusive than getting a greased cat into a bathtub.

If we’re being truthful here, it does get quite annoying whenever one of our good dogs begs. But we truly need your help here on the ranch. So here we are, begging! In a perfect world, I’d love to provide frequent updates and goings-on down here at the Rancho. But try as I might, this dog can’t or won’t learn new tricks. Telling all our babies’ stories consistently across all our social media has proven more elusive than getting a greased cat into a bathtub. So we’re calling on all aspiring social media creators living within an hour of Athens, Texas. Think of how fun, and fulfilling it would be to help us out with our YouTube, Facebook, Insta and Twitter. If you love animals and are creative, tech savvy, and wish you had more content, drop us an email. Rancho Kitty is loaded with content just waiting for you.

Cute Puppy and Kitten Begging For Treats
Cute Puppy and Kitten Begging For Treats
Gray Scottish Straight cat sleeping. Happy Pet
Gray Scottish Straight cat sleeping. Happy Pet

The Latest Kitty Action

The last few months have seen much improvement at this here Rancho. You might say we’ve been busier than a rescue beaver building a damn dam. One of our main projects was brought on by the urgency of having to relocate most of our kitty population from Murchison to Athens. It was something we had been delaying for a few months longer than the HOA was willing to tolerate. So, with urgency – the true mother of invention – we got to building. We did extensive land clearing, thanks to a rented excavator.

Now we have room for a proper feline flophouse. The space is prepared, the fencing is started and within the enclosed area we’re going to erect about a dozen housing units so the babies will have shelter from the harsh Texas climate. Our “Kitty City” master plan has begun in earnest. Soon our little furballs will be wrestling for who gets bottom bunk.

Sweet Devon Rex Cat Funny Curious Young White Devon Rex Kitten In Grass. Short-haired Cat Of English
Looking Forward to the Grand Gazeebo Inside “Kitty City.”
Site of Kitty City: If We Build it They Will Purr

A few months back we made a huge mistake by mentioning to the pups that we’re building a watering hole at our Rancho. A few of them have been hounding me to get started on that project. So, while we had the excavator, we got to digging. As an aside, there were a half dozen doggies who would not keep quiet about what we were supposedly doing wrong with our approach to digging a hole. Know-it-all digging dogs who can never remember where their bones are buried, that’s what they are.
So, we ignored them completely and prepared the area for our puppy pond. The soil in this part of Texas is what the locals call “sugar sand,” and it will not hold water for more than a few days. We’re gonna need a big tarp, or lots of smaller tarps, to keep the water from leaking out like a sieve.

Thanks for checking in, we have to get back to the babies…Talk soon?

Golden retriever dog swimming in river
A Doggy Can Dream at Rancho Kitty
Watering Hole Dug
Wooden donation box with paw marks and banknotes, top view. Decorative spruce branches with cones on

Rancho Kitty is Always Looking for Kind and Compassionate Volunteers. The More You Help, the More We Can Do to Rescue At-Risk Pets Facing Dire Prospects at the City/County Shelters. Click to Go to Our Volunteer Page Now Thanks for the LOVE

Rancho Kitty Saved All 18 of Our Lives

Click the Picture and Head Over to Athens Tractor u0026amp; Equipment to Help Us Out [We Haven’t Spoken to Them, so it May be a WTF Moment]
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