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Rancho Kitty


We asked Jeff a few Questions

What Does rancho kitty Do?

Rancho Kitty is a NO-KILL shelter that provides a forever home to unwanted, abused, and/or hard-to-place dogs, cats and variety of other small animals.

How long have you been open?

We opened our hearts, and gates in 2o2o. Rancho Kitty is just getting started. And as we approach one hundred critters, the expenses are only increasing. We are frugal and value conscience, so every dollar provides maximum care and comfort for all Rancho Kitty’s babies. Thanks for the Love!

Are donations to rancho kitty tax deductible?

Rancho Kitty is a 5o1 (c)(3) Non-Profit. This means that all contributions are tax-deductible.

Where is rancho kitty located?

Our Rancho Kitty Animal Rescue is made up of two properties in East Texas, USA. The Rancho of Athens is where most of the dogs frolic and roughhouse each other. Of course, we have some older dogs that are not interested in wrassling with the young pups. That is why we need to fence off a few different yards. And a few of the super mellow mutts live harmoniously amongst the kitties at the original Rancho Kitty, Murchison property. That’s about an hour or two from Dallas, depending on where you started and how fast you drive.

Why did you decide to open a no kill animal sanctuary?

I happened to read something (maybe in the LA Times) that said over one million animals are put down every year in the US. I was struck by that figure, a million?

I couldn’t shake that article out of my mind. I thought of all the good, sweet dogs and cats mixed in with that enormous number and it affected me.

I was a photographer in the San Fernando Valley for over 30 years When the lockdown came in March 2o2o, no one was allowed to work. Then like a religious epiphany, it hit me. Channeling Albert Schweitzer, it became crystal clear what I was going to do with the last act of my life. Right then and there, I decided to pack it all in and leave California to save animals. I aim to save as many of those million furry souls as possible from being put down.

Just one month earlier, I would have thought anyone was plum crazy suggesting that my life would play out as it has. I was certain I was going to live out my life in the Golden State. Also, the middle-class Valley was quickly showing decay. The inner-city crossed over the Hills and was setting up shop with higher crime and homeless camps sprawled everywhere, made my decision that much easier.

An old, dear friend had made the move to Texas a couple of years prior. After hearing of my clarion call, she urged me to get to Texas and start Rancho Kitty at her place until I could start a proper rescue.

On June 3o 2o2o, I packed up a U-Haul with everything and pushed East toward Texas with California in my rearview mirror 

How do you like texas?

Culture shock aside, I found East Texas quaint, no traffic, no graffiti, and no homeless was a welcoming change. I got used to the slow lane quickly, then hired a lawyer to help me with acquiring the 501 non-profit and hung out my rescue shingle.

As far as rescuing, I first looked for older animals that no one seemed to want anymore. I poured through the pet section of Craig’s list, concentrating on older postings thinking they may still have the animal. After a stale posting that was a week or two old, those babies were in danger of heading to a kill shelter.

If an animal was still available, I made arrangements for pick up. Most of the time owners are desperate to rehome their pets. That’s when Rancho Kitty shows up and takes the animal to the Ranch where happiness begins.

Three years later we have 92 dogs, cats, and pigs living their best lives at Rancho Kitty.

What's your vision For rancho kitty's future?

By the end of 2o23, we should have the Athens Rancho location completely fenced in. As we speak, we only have about sixty percent of the fencing erected. Once that’s done, we will install the front gate for added security.

By the end of 2o24, we hope to have the 5-acre plot fully wired for electricity, presently there is only a metered pole. Also, we desperately need a water well dug to provide an ample fresh water supply to the pups. Right now, we truck water in.

I envision in five years, and beyond, we will have more and more Ranchos providing a safe environment for hundreds of needy animals. Giving these babies their best lives is how I intend to live out my days. I don’t plan on letting up until we have Rancho Kitty’s dotting the lands of Texas and beyond

Are the animals available for adoption?

Absolutely, Contact us at


Our babies would love to see you at the Ranch We need all the help we can get, and if you’re nearby drop off some pet food contact us at