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How to Fix the World One Furball at a Time

Hello, and welcome back to the latest Rancho Blogo. We’d love to offer hearty thanks for all the love and support you generous animal lovers provided to the Rancho Kitty babies in 2023. As we move into 2024, there are lots of exciting plans here at the Ranch.

The Murchison Rancho is still going strong. But it is down to just five sweet dogs that have special care needs. But me, and another ten naughty dogs, have taken up residence at the Athens’ Rancho. It was always part of the plan but was expedited to alleviate the concerns of our homeowners’ association.

I’m currently living in a trailer surrounded by plenty of playful pups. Though my quarters have electricity, there is no heat at this time. Most nights I don’t mind roughing it in the Texas winter chill. Luckily I have lots of dogs willing to give me a warm cuddle when the temperature drops below what’s healthy or tolerable. It usually only takes one shaggy mutt sleeping across my feet to keep me comfortable, but the other night was so cold that I had a pup across my feet, and two more snuggled up with me. It was a three-dog night!

You might be wondering what we’ve been up to since our last update. Well, we finally managed to enclose the entire five-acre Athens Ranch with fencing. It was a daunting task, and thanks to a few Houdini hounds, who showed us previously unnoticed escape routes, the property is now tighter than Mitch Mitchell’s snare drum. We shall see how long the boundary remains unbreached. Stay tuned!

Once we had the perimeter fence up and snug, we realized another inner fence was needed so that those cunning canines wouldn’t jet out the gate whilst I drove the Kitty Wagon through. Now we can open the outer gate, move the vehicle in, and then open the inner gate. All the while being swarmed by playful pups who excel at greeting humans. Rumor has it those loveable, playful pets are working on a new plan to circumvent our upgraded security. We stand ready for the challenge. But TBH, they always come back, because those darn dogs know how good they have it at Rancho Kitty!

The Prince of Pups’ Palace
The Inner Gate

Rancho Kitty is Always Looking for Kind and Compassionate Volunteers. The More You Help, the More We Can Do to Rescue At-Risk Pets Facing Dire Prospects at the City/County Shelters. Click to Go to Our Volunteer Page Now Thanks for the LOVE

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Also, since our last update, we have cleared out a huge swath of area for the future cat enclosure. Some wise guy suggested we call it Kitty Citty, but we are pretty sure that someone will come up with something better. But that’s not the highest bar to get over. Kitty Citty, as you will, will be an enclosed area for our feline friends to gather and swap tall tails of lives lived. Our work on that project shall commence in the spring. And, upon completion, we shall relocate the friskier kitties from the Murchison Rancho to the Athen’s annex.

Our current project, which should be completed in the next couple of months, has been dubbed The Square Gazebo. Upon completion, the Gazebo will be a 12-foot by 12-foot enclosed clubhouse/sleeping quarters for our happy hounds. In hopes of making the hot-hot Texas summers far more bearable for the Babies, the Gazebo will have the latest, greatest misting system this side of the Red River.

The Site of Future Kitty Citty
Close Your Eyes and Picture the Square Gazebo

At some point, before summer, the plan is to rent an excavator and dig a giant 100-foot by 50-foot, 4-feet deep hole. Then we will flood the area so the pups can cool off and go mudding about during the sweltering heat that is summer in Texas. The transformation from hot dogs to wet muddy pups will make for some great photos. So sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know! Once again, thanks for all the love and support from all you beautiful animal people. And, please, if you’re new here, love animals, and want to help us here at Rancho Kitty give all these babies their best lives CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON

If You Click the Excavator Picture, a New Page Opens for a Nearby Heavy Equipment Rental Place [Just in Case You’re Feeling Super Generous!]
Excavator on an empty field
Click the Picture and Head Over to Athens Tractor & Equipment to Help Us Out [We Haven’t Spoken to Them, so it May be a WTF Moment]
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