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Land Ho

Rancho Kitty just officially acquired a 5-acre piece of land for the next stage Ranch! It’s located near Lake Athens in an area that is out of the way from neighbors.

We can really use any donations you can manage, everything adds up they say. Ask your friends to pitch in and see if you can raise $50 towards the construction.

The newest addition to the Ranch is a white shepherd named Nellie. She was in an abandonment situation. But she’s with us now and a happy, safe, and sound member of the family at her forever home, Rancho Kitty.

Dog 1000

New Ranch hands: Archie Kitty and Astro Kitty arrived here in early January and are enjoying their new digs. Also, One-Eye Charlie came here as a rescue pooch, Poor Charlie lost an eye from an attack by her father the day she was born.

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About Us

Rancho Kitty is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit that provides  the ultimate forever home for unwanted, abused and/or hard to place small animals.