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New Ranch is Taking Shape

Things are starting to happen at Rancho Kitty’s newest location in Athens Texas. Slowly but surely, developments are being made. We’ve contracted with a gentleman to mow down the heavy, thick brush that was making valuable puppy real estate space unusable. Amazingly, after two days of grinding up trees and briers, the Ranch now has twice the square yardage for the pups to romp.

Our next milestone is getting power to the property. Since there has never been electric service to the land, there is a ton of red tape and costs involved. Our expectation is to have the Athens annex hooked into the energy grid by July.

Power to the Puppies!

Kitten season is upon us, and Rancho Kitty just received a phone call from an angel who rescued three orphaned kittens. These loveable furballs had just opened their little eyes, and were in desperate need of a home. The girl saved them said that no shelter around would take them in. (And it’s a good thing ‘cuz that may have been a death sentence for the three.) But Rancho Kitty swooped in once again to bring the three kittens to the Ranch, where they are guaranteed to live their best lives. As of this report being typed, they are happy, yappy and feasting on bottle-fed formula.

Lucky Kitties indeed!

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Rancho Kitty is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit that provides  the ultimate forever home for unwanted, abused and/or hard to place small animals.