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Cute, Cuddly Kitten Update

We love kittens, you love kittens, the world loves kittens. We’re back with those adorable little furballs, now with their eyes open. Plus there’s a

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Meet the Kittens

A Mothers Day Blessed Event, albeit unexpected. Gypsy Kitty is now Mama Gypsy, having popped out five sweet kittens. Wanna meet them? Watch the video.

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Rancho Kitty on YouTube

That’s right, for the last seven months, our Rancho Babies have been starring in their own YouTube videos. Here is the very first one.

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About Us

The sanctuary, which opened up in 2020, is just getting started. As we approach one hundred critters, the expenses are only increasing. We are frugal and value conscience, so every dollar provides maximum care and comfort for all Rancho Kitty’s babies. Thanks for the Love!