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Building an Animal Rescue ep. 8

Nothing’s shocking here at Rancho Kitty. Well, at least not until we get the whole electricity supply figured out. As a youth, I remember a man named Jim Dandy singin bout “When Electricity Cae to Arkansas.” We didn’t give it much thought, because we were busy perfecting our washboard shuffle. That’s until we tried bringin electricity to Texas. Watch us struggle in the video below. All the while, please keep in mind these critters can’t speak truth to power until we provide them the power. We certainly hope that you have enjoyed our nod to a few old songs, enough to share that “Money” via links throughout our site. Thanks for the love!

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Rancho Kitty is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit that provides  the ultimate forever home for unwanted, abused and/or hard to place small animals.